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Roofing Contractors Recommend These Products for Your Home

Roofing Contractors Recommend These Products for Your Home - Dallas Roofing & Home Improvement Blog - Moore Construction Co. - Shingle%2BroofEven though most people don’t spend much time thinking about it, the roof is one of the most important parts of your home. Don't make the mistake of purchasing subpar products from roofing contractors to put on your roof. Learn about the different roofing products, and which ones you should choose if you want long-lasting quality.


Shingles are one of the most important investments that you can make for your home. Don’t skimp on this product and you will have fewer problems with your roof.

When considering shingles with your roofing contractor, the main thing you should be looking at is the weight per square. Heavier shingles are usually higher quality and by paying for shingles that weigh 200 lb. per square rather than 150 lb. per square you are going to end up with a more durable roof.

Other than weight, it is important to go with a well-known brand that offers a warranty covering at least 25 years. If you are working with one of your local roofing contractors it's a good idea to get his input about trusted brands and their warranties.

Felt paper

Felt paper is installed underneath shingles as a further layer of protection from the elements. There are two different types of felt paper 15# and 30#. 30# is more expensive but is much thicker and more durable.

When deciding between the two options it’s always a better idea to go with 30# because it is less likely to rip during the roof installation, and it will protect your home from water better if the shingles ever happen to wear away.

Plumbing Boots

The plumbing lines running through your house need ventilation in order for the water to flow freely. This is the reason that vent lines run up through the roof of houses. These vent lines are topped with plumbing boots to protect them.

There are two different types of boots: lead and plastic. Plastic boots are more affordable and stand up well to weather but are often destroyed by animals such as squirrels. Lead boots stand up to weather and animals for a longer-lasting protection. Make sure that your roofing contractor knows which type of plumbing boots you want before they complete the installation.

Ridge caps

When the time comes to choose between different ridge caps you have plenty of options. Ridge caps are made from metals like copper and aluminum, from asphalt shingles, and from plastic.

Metal (Copper & Aluminum)

They are made from aluminum, copper, and galvanized steel. The copper and galvanized steel are more expensive than other ridge caps, but they are the most durable. Aluminum and asphalt ridge caps are less because they are softer.


There are two different asphalt shingle ridge cap types. The prefabricated kind, and standard shingles that have been modified to work on a ridge. Prefabricated ridge shingles typically look nicer, and they hold up better than normal shingles.

Plastic Ridge Caps

Plastic ridge caps are the most affordable and they come in a wide range of colors and dimensions. They stand up to weather, but aren't as durable as the other options.

Now that you know what products are needed for a roof repair you’ll be ready to have a conversation with a local roofing contractor. Interested in having a free consultation or learning more about roofing? Our experts have been in the business for more than 10 years and are always happy to answer your questions. Contact us today.

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